Off the Wall: Sculpture from the Museum Collection

September 15, 2021 - December 11, 2021

wood abstract sculpture with a thick brown base and two brown sections attached above it

In this exhibition everything is “off the wall.” All of the artworks hang from the ceiling, sit on a pedestal, or are displayed on the floor. The 20 sculptures on exhibit from the Museum’s Collection invite you to engage with three-dimensional work and experience the Museum and art-viewing in new ways. 

Featuring artwork by:

  • Von Allen
  • Trent Alvey
  • Marcee Blackerby
  • Brian Christensen
  • Travis Crowther
  • Silvia Davis
  • David Dornan
  • Sherron Hill
  • Raymond Jonas
  • Stephanie Leitch
  • Frank McEntire
  • Frank Nackos
  • Sally Nelson
  • Tony Pickering
  • Dennis Smith
  • Dahrl Thomson
  • Rod Walker
  • Andrew Watson

Image: Raymond Vincent Jonas, Non Objective Sycamore Sculpture, 1976