The Fairbanks Family: An American Art Dynasty 

June 21, 2023 - Dec 2, 2023

The Fairbanks Family: An American Art Dynasty celebrates generations of artists in the Fairbanks Family, and their contributions to Utah, American, and international art. 

The patriarch of the family, John B. Fairbanks, was one of Utah’s most significant nineteenth-century painters, who joined John Hafen, Lorus Pratt, and others as an art missionary in Paris in the 1890s. His sons J. Leo Fairbanks and Avard T. Fairbanks also became stars in the Utah, national, and international art scenes -- J. Leo as a renowned painter, sculptor, and art educator, and Avard as one of Utah’s and America’s most renowned sculptors. Their descendants have continued the tradition of excellence in the arts as professional painters, sculptors, curators, scientists, and educators. 

The Fairbanks Family exhibition celebrates their contributions to art with over 70 original works on display, together for the first time! Come see some of their most well-known works including impressionist paintings from France, models of famous monuments, the original Dodge Ram hood ornament, and a model of Salt Lake City’s famous Eagle Gate, as well as many other paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Explore the dynasty of the Fairbanks Family and discover the artistry in this family tree.