It's All Fun and Games

August 28, 2024 - July 2025 

It’s All Fun and Games is a unique and whimsical interactive art experience that will celebrate the essence of pre-smartphone nostalgia and childlike play. Using a range of mediums, artists delve into the realms of childhood nostalgia, creating an interesting dialogue between the past and present. Tactile experiences will reconnect visitors with the carefree joy of their early years, encourage playful exploration, and ignite curiosity.  In a world increasingly dominated by digital technology, this exhibit aims to transport visitors back to a simpler time, when tangible objects and activities brought us joy and wonder. 

Co-curated by Bianca Velasquez and the Springville Museum of Art Exhibition Team 

Featured Artists: Marissa Albrecht, Alli Arocho, Jennifer Babcock, McKay Lenker Bayer, Sarah Waldron Brinton, Trent Call, John Connors, Alethia Lunares, Laura Morris, Heather Olsen, Abigale Palmer, Katie Jane Powell, Morgan Rhyan, Andrew Smith, Dennis Smith, Scott Stanley, Adam Thomas, Bianca Velasquez, Nataly Welch, Mary Wells, Rosanna Lynne Welter, John and Paul White, Amy Willmuth, and Shiya Zeng

Image credits from left to right:

Heather Olsen, My Little Pony, oil on wood panel, 2023. 

John and Paul White, SPENCER'S RACECARS, oil on canvas and cardboard cutouts, 2023

John Connors, Building Blocks, carved and painted wood, 2024