Grand Ambitions

August 19, 2020 - October 26, 2023- Closing Soon

painting of mountains with waterfall and lake in the foreground

“On the eve of Statehood, this Society is making special efforts to prove that Utah can enter the Union, not only with wonderful material resources, but with an art development greater and more defined than any other State has ever shown at the time of its admission.”

-HLA Culmer, Society of Utah Artists, Dec 1, 1895


Utah artists have always been ambitious. They studied abroad, created monumental works, and pushed the boundaries of Utah art and creation. This exhibition celebrates the grand ambitions, interests, and aims of our Utah artists from the nineteenth-century to the present day.

This exhibition is now available as a virtual field trip. Request access HERE

Image: H.L.A. Culmer, Lake Florence, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, 1887