Joe Adams and Brian Kershisnik: 30 Years of Friendship and Art

July 20, 2024 - September 21, 2024

Painter Brian Kershisnik often collaborates with his neighbor and friend, Joe Adams, to create figurative mixed-media paintings. They started collaborating 30 years ago and held their first exhibition at the Springville Museum of Art. Joe is just a few years younger than Brian and has Down Syndrome.

In honor of this 30-year anniversary the Museum will exhibit dozens of artworks created by the collaborative pair. 

In their process, Brian preps supplies and Joe lays down the initial figures or shapes with bold black lines. After the image takes shape, Brian asks what the subject is, and Joe typically informs him matter-of-factly. Brian confesses that “sometimes that becomes the title, sometimes I make a note on the back and craft a title later.” They then take turns applying colors and washes in various media. 

Image: Brian T. Kershisnik and Joe Adams, Angels and Cars (1998) mixed media on paper, Museum Purchase