Salon 100: Celebrating 100 Spring Salons and the Students that Built Art City! 

Apr 27, 2024 - Jun 2025

Salon 100 will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Spring Salon and share its impact and history!

2024 will be a year like no other for the Museum as we commemorate the 100th Annual Spring Salon. The Salon was started by Springville High School students in the 1920s. They hung the first shows in the halls of their high school until they were so well known for their art, the Springville community built them a museum! Our historic commemoration will celebrate these students and imagine the future of the Salon through exhibitions, a documentary film, publications, and special programs and lectures. 

Join us to commemorate the Museum, its Collection and the students that built Art City! 

Programming Plan:

  • Curated Exhibition of 100 works collected from past Spring Salons
  • Documentary Film sharing history of Salon including community, artist, and staff interviews
  • History exhibition 
  • Collecting memories and oral histories
  • Printed catalog and history
  • Special programs and lectures
  • “Class Reunion” Party
  • Collaboration with Springville High School Students

Sunday crowd at the museum in the 1940s

Springville High School Class of 1923

Art Queens unveiling a painting for the Permanent Collection