Virtual Awards Ceremony - 49th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show 

In lieu of an in-person ceremony this year, the Springville Museum of Art hosted the High School Show Awards Ceremony online. We invite you to watch to recognize the works selected for awards and scholarships from the 49th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show! 

Lt. Governor Henderson -  Welcome Message

Each year, the Governor’s office honors students who participate in the Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show. Governor Cox will declare March Utah Youth Art’s Month. Both he and Lt. Governor Henderson are long-time supporters of the High School Art Show.

Congressional Awards - Representative Messages

Every year, representatives from Utah's congressional offices come to the Museum to select artwork from their districts to recognize. Their first-place awards travel to Washington D.C. to be part of a national exhibition of high school art from each district in the country. 

Juried Awards - Juror Messages

These awards were chosen by the professional artists who served as this year’s jurors: Fletcher Booth, Virginia Catherall, Kari Christensen, David Dibble, Robyn Draper, Stefanie Eskander, Linda Etherington, Jeff Goodsell, Jean Irwin, Brenda Lovell, Kylie Millward, and Julie Rogers.

They looked for pieces that demonstrated mastery of medium and technical skill, as well as advanced conceptual thought and development. Jurors Brenda Lovell, Kari Christensen, and Linda Etherington, shared these messages: 

Scholarship Messages

These awards were chosen by representatives from various visual arts institutions across the state. Below are messages from the Masters Academy of Art and Utah Watercolor Society. 

Outstanding Student of the Year - Jack Beck, Spanish Fork High School

Each year, we look for a student who embodies outstanding qualities and has participated and received awards in multiple exhibitions. We also look to see consistent improvement over time. As both a junior and a senior, this student’s work was accepted for display in the high school show. This year his piece was selected for 3 awards. His artwork demonstrates a mature understanding of figurative painting, academic realism, and conceptual thoughtfulness. 

Outstanding Teacher of the Year - Jeremy Petersen, Olympus High School

Jeremy is an exceptional arts educator and has been teaching in Utah for nearly 20 years. Many of Jeremy’s students nominated him this year. His students describe him as a very encouraging mentor who recognizes students’ needs and offers useful advice. Every student mentioned the extra hours Jeremy puts in to ensure that they succeed. Jeremy’s motto is that art programs are the heart and soul of the school.

This award is sponsored by the BYU David O. McKay School of Education.