Sep 14, 2022 - Dec 24, 2022

For an upcoming community-curated exhibition we are inviting visitors, friends, and community members to choose a work of art from our Permanent Collection that represents Sanctuary to them.

All nominated works will be featured in a slideshow at the Museum and some of the nominated works will be chosen to be featured in a show that will run concurrently with the 36th Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah Exhibition. 

To participate you can nominate a work from our Permanent Collection that represents sanctuary to you. You can browse our collection at this link.  You can search by keywords, browse by object type, or look by artist’s name. There is a portfolio of Spiritual & Religious artwork here if that’s helpful (but feel free to branch outside of this portfolio to any works in the collection). 

After you’ve chosen a work fill out the form at this link. Submissions are due by 8:00am on Monday Sep 12, 2022. 

Our current working definition of sanctuary is: Sanctuaries are meaningful spaces, where we seek refuge from our daily troubles and concerns. Where and how do you find peace or sanctuary in your life?  

 “Offering sanctuary is a revolutionary act; it expresses love, when others offer scorn or hate.  It recognizes humanity, when other deny and seek to debase it.  Sanctuary says ‘we’ rather than ‘I’.  It is belonging – the building block of community.” - Diane Kalen-Sukra

Image: Ron Richmond, Catharsis (no. 36), 2013