April 2024, the Museum will host the 100th Spring Salon!

The Springville Museum of Art has hosted an annual Spring Salon since 1922. This popular event has significantly impacted Springville's community and is an important part of our history. In fact, Springville students and citizens created our Art City legacy and built the Museum, its collection, and its notoriety. This is a story that deserves to be celebrated! The Museum is planning several events to celebrate this occasion.

•           Exhibition of 100 works collected from the Spring Salon

•           Documentary film of the Salon's history, including community, artist, and staff interviews

•           Collection of memories and oral histories

•           Printed catalog and history

•           Special programs and lectures

•           "Class Reunion" party

We're excited to celebrate this milestone with you.

The Museum is raising $100,000 for Salon 100!

We need your help to reach this goal. Support the SMA today!

Leon Kroll, Girls at the Exhibition, oil on board, 1964. This painting is in the Museum's collection as a gift from 1965 Springville High School Senior Class.