Board of Trustees

On behalf of the patrons and staff, the Museum would like to thank the Board of Trustees for their vision, dedication and support of the Museum's mission to refine minds and build character through fine art.

Current Board Members:

  • Jay Hanson, President
  • Heidi Israelsen, Vice President
  • Jason Packard, Treasurer
  • Chris McAfee, Collection Chair
  • Mike Snelson, City Council Representative
  • Mindi Wright, City Council Representative
  • Micah Christensen
  • Mark Crenshaw
  • Leslie Duke
  • Nate Hawkes
  • James Rees
  • Anthony Sweat

Jay Hanson 


Heidi Israelsen

Vice President

Jason Packard


Chris McAfee

Collection Chair

Mike Snelson

City Council Representative

Mindi Wright
City Council Representative

Micah Christensen

Board Member

Mark Crenshaw
Board Member
Leslie Duke
Board Member

Nate Hawks 

Board Member 

James Rees

Board Member

Anthony Sweat

Board member