Artist 2 Artist

Connect your virtual, hybrid, or in-person classroom with art professionals!

Artist 2 Artist purpose is to connect secondary teachers with working Utah art professionals. The program is designed to be extremely flexible to fit the needs of your classroom. Use Artist 2 Artist to connect your students with an art professional, get them specific training on an arts-related subject, or inspire them to think about future career possibilities. 

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Teachers can request Zoom (or similar platform) instruction or recorded video on any art-related topic.  To request the Artist 2 Artist program please click the button below.

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Studio Visit with Artist Marlena Wilding

Join artist Marlena Wilding as she discusses the influence her heritage has on her artistic process and how she found her artistic voice by breaking the rules.

Studio Visit with Julian Harper

Join lens artist Julian Harper as he discusses his experience of being a "student" of art and how his cultural background influences his artistic process.

Q&A with Artist Annie Poon

Join professional artist Annie Poon as she talks about her career and process, where to find inspiration, Outsider Art, finding your niche, stop motion animation, and more!

Q&A with Ceramicist Amanda Smith

Dive into the world of contemporary ceramics with Utah artist Amanda Smith. In addition to insights on creativity, career and current events, Smith also shares advice and experience from her years as both a student and a teacher. She speaks about experimenting with mediums, overcoming setbacks, and embracing vulnerability as an artist.

Art and Wellness with Art Therapist Vickie Morgan

Explore the world of wellness focused art making with artist, art therapist and educator Vickie Morgan as she describes the therapeutic link between creativity and personal connection. This training is for Utah art teachers and gives them tools to connect wellness, community, and artmaking in the classroom, especially in response to student struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q&A with Filmmaker Steve Olpin

Join professional filmmaker and photographer Steve Olpin as he discusses his career, inspiration, finding his niche, and "just doing it." He encourages students to keep making art and emphasizes the many different things you can do to make a living making art.

Studio Visit with Photographer Kevin Schley

Professional photographer Kevin Schley takes us through his artistic process and career. He also gives students tips on some technical aspects of photography as well as finding your "why" in creating an image.

Studio Visit with Jewelry Artist Jennifer Ortiz

Jewelry artist and arts professional Jennifer Ortiz shows us her studio and talks to us about working as an artist part-time, using the artistic process to learn and experiment, reusing and recycling materials, and finding your niche as an artist by making art you love!

Q&A with Fiber Artist Danielle Susi

Curator and Fiber Artist Danielle Susi joins us for a Q&A where she discusses working and experimenting with different materials, finding work as a professional artist, how to pursue different art careers and explore career paths, and how to deal with imposter syndrome. 

Studio Visit with Bill Louis

As a professional street artist and muralist, Bill Louis takes us through his evolution as an artist, who inspires him, and how he incorporates his culture into his work. He also gives students tips on how to create a mural from finding supplies, how to scale your artwork up, and where to paint. 

Charcoal Drawing with Liz Harris

In this training for Utah teachers, professional artist Liz Harris shares her preferred materials and tips and tricks for drawing with charcoal. She also gives tips on teaching students about charcoal drawing and teaching drawing in online and hybrid classrooms.

Studio Visit with Leslie Graff 

Join professional artist Leslie Graff in her Massachusetts studio as she talks about her career path as an artist, how she composes her paintings, working from photographs, her painting methods and techniques, and other advice for student artists!

Artist Q&A with Steve and Tonya Vistaunet

Join professional artists Steve and Tonya Vistaunet as they talk about their careers in the arts, finding inspiration, staying true to yourself and your art, and their favorite artworks they've created (including a huge mural at the Cake Creation Studio).

Artist Q&A with Oil Painter Michelle Franzoni Thorley

Join professional artist Michelle Franzoni Thorley as she discusses her artistic process and inspiration. She covers topics like the importance of representation in art, the power of art to heal, and gives advice to high school students on how to pursue an art career.

Studio Visit with Oil Painter Andrew Alba

Join professional artist Andrew Alba in his studio as he discusses his artistic process and what inspires him as an artist. He covers topics like using art to address injustice, rejections and making mistakes, and his painting process.

Interview with Sculptor David LeCheminant 

Join professional sculptor and gallery artist David LeCheminant as he talks about his career in the arts and artistic process. David covers topics including where he finds inspiration, learning from mistakes and experimentation, different tracks artists can pursue as careers, and advice for high school students.

Kinetic Sculpture with Karl Hale 

Join the Springville Museum of Art and professional artist Karl Hale for a training on using Kinetic Art techniques in the classroom. Kinetic art is a great way to teach STEAM principles as it combines visual art with science, technology and math! Karl will give tips on how to use these methodologies for lessons in blended and online learning environments.

Studio Visit with Emily Fox King 

Join Provo High School teacher James Rees on a studio visit with professional artist Emily Fox King. Emily and Mr. Rees discuss the artistic process, finding your voice, choosing mediums and materials, and other tips for high school artists.

Ceramics and the Artistic Process with Janna Siebert

Ceramic artist Janna Siebert explains her artistic process including where she finds inspiration, how to prepare clay, her sketchbook process, tips and techniques for the pottery wheel, glazing and firing, and assembling and installation.

Papier-mâché with professional artist Cass Barney!

In this exclusive video for Utah high school students, professional artist Cassandra Barney teaches you how to make art at home with papier-mâché.

Art at Home! Making Art with Unexpected Materials

Professional Utah collage and assemblage artist Chauncey Secrist teaches high school students how to make art at home without access to traditional art supplies. He goes through a brief history of collage and assemblage and then explores some tips and tricks to making art at home with unexpected materials

Misty watercolor landscape tutorial by Utah artist Kara Aina.