Art Royalty 

Present  2022-2023 Art Royalty from right:

Sylvia Orme, Adria Young, Megan Gwilliam, Aurelia Olson, Emily Bell, Jocelyn Hunt

 Not Pictured: Whitney Jeffs

The 2023-2024 Art Royalty Application will open April 10th, and will close on April 23rd, 2023 at 5pm. Art Royalty is open to any rising high school junior or senior who resides in either Springville or Mapleton.

What is Art Royalty?

The Springville Museum of Art Royalty is a position of prestige, honor, and opportunity in Springville. It is a tradition that has been carried and continued for many years and is a part of Springville’s culture. 

The electing of Art Royalty began in 1907 for the students at Springville High School. In the early days, the junior high and high school were combined, and the students would raise money to purchase their favorite painting or sculpture for the Museum’s Permanent Collection. A young lady was nominated from each class, and the class that raised the most money would also get to have their representative as Art Queen. The Art Queen winner would present the chosen art piece in an honorary assembly.

Today, members of Art Royalty act as ambassadors to the Museum and are eligible to receive scholarships for their service. To be considered for Art Royalty interested students must fill out applications* asking about their school and extracurricular activities, service, involvement in arts-related activities, and how they would promote the Museum as a member of the Art Royalty. The applications are submitted to the Museum and the finalists are chosen through an anonymous panel.  

Finalists will be will be notified via email and will receive details about their interview and art presentation** time and location. 

Interview and presentation panelists will select the new Art Royalty. Newly selected members of the Art Royalty will be recognized at a crowning ceremony which will be held at the Art Ball, May 13th. These selected members will serve on Art Royalty for 12 months.

Questions? Please contact Chloe Hunter at 801-491-5707 or


Important Dates and Application Details

Monday, April 10th – Online application opens

Sunday, April 23rd  – Online applications close

Thursday, April 27th - Zoom Q&A for Art Royalty candidates (by invitation only)

Thursday and Friday, May 4th and 5th- In-person interviews at the Museum

Monday, May 8th- Acceptances announced to candidates 

Saturday, May 13th- Incoming Art Royalty introduced at the Art Ball

This schedule and details are subject to change.


Art Royalty is an inclusive opportunity, applications are open to all high school seniors. 

 **As part of the interview process, applicants will choose an artwork to give a 3-5 minute presentation about to a panel of Museum employees. Applicants should plan on selecting a work that is currently on display in the galleries of the Museum's Upper Level: 

  • Grand Ambitions
  • Mixed Reviews
  • Artist and Academy

Applicants are encouraged to come to the Museum to select a piece that is on display before submitting their application. The title and artist of an applicant's selected artwork is a required question on the application form.

Please click here to access a preparation guide that should help you create your presentation. Finalists will give their presentation at the Museum, in front of their selected piece, as part of the interview process.