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Share your Memories of the Museum and Spring Salon

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Come share your memories of the Springville Museum of Art's Spring Salon at our open house party, in preparation for the 100th Salon in 2024! Refreshments will be provided.

 We'd especially love to hear from people in the Springville community and those who attended Springville High School or Jr. High School and were involved in the Museum (This could be involvement in the Spring art show, involvement in raising money to buy art, involvement with the “Art Queen,” helping to hang art at the museum, writing art themes or other assignments, having classes in the museum, volunteering at the front desk or registration, etc.)

 We will be hosting two open houses, one on Friday July 28th from 10am-1pm and one on Monday July 31st from 1pm-4pm. Drop in whenever is convenient for you!



126 E 400 S

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