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Educational Posters

The Springville Museum of Art has developed individual posters and poster sets to be used as visual aids and teaching resources in classrooms. Each poster is an 18" x 24" full-color reproduction of a historically or artistically significant piece from the museum's permanent collection. The back of each poster includes the following information:
• Core curriculum connections
• Artist biography
• Artwork history

Postcard-Size Images 


The Museum's educational postcard set includes 59 full-color postcard-size images from the Springville Museum of Art’s permanent collection. The set is comprised of images created by some of Utah's most prominent and exciting artists including: James Christensen, Lee Udall Bennion, Cyrus Dallin, and Stephanie Deer. These images have been selected for their artistic quality or historical significance and have been redesigned to facilitate meaningful classroom experiences. The following information is included on the back of each image:

• A brief artist biography 
• Guide to looking closely at the artwork
• Questions to prompt discussion and thought
• Simple ideas to inspire creativity

Ordering is Easy!

To order simply fill out an educational materials request or contact Ali Royal at aroyal@springville.org 
All educational materials can be picked-up at the museum, or can be mailed for the price of shipping (see shipping prices below).  Please order your materials at least one week before you would like to pick them up.  You will receive a confirmation email when your order is ready.

Shipping Prices

$5   Postcard Size Image Set                  
$8    Individual Poster                                    
$20  Elementary School Set of 24 posters    
$10  Middle School set of 9 posters              
$15  High School set of 12 posters               
Poster sets have been distributed to many schools within the state; check your school’s media center or library to see if your school already has a poster set. Teacher resources are made available by the State Wide Art Partnership (SWAP) through the Utah State Office of Education, funded by the Professional Outreach Programs in the State (POPS).

Elementary Poster Images and Information
Middle School Poster Images and Information
High School Poster Images and Information
February 28, 2017
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