100 Dollar Show

The 100 Dollar Show is a one-night event held annually on the first Thursday evening following Thanksgiving.  Selected artists are invited to sell original works of art for $100 each. The purpose of the 100 Dollar Show is for both the museum and local artists to give back to the community by allowing them the opportunity to purchase original works of art at an affordable price.

The 2019 100 Dollar Show will be held Thursday December 5, 2019 from 6:30-8:00pm. 

2019 Participating Artists: 
  • Rett Ashby
  • Cassandra Barney
  • Katrina Berg
  • C Scott Bevan
  • Annie Blake
  • Mike Bohman
  • Allen Brockbank
  • Cindy Clark
  • Mark Crenshaw
  • Natalie Crossley
  • Jeanne and David Gomm
  • Trevor Howard
  • Myles Howell
  • Rick Kinateder
  • Emily King
  • Shari Lyon
  • Laura Hope Mason
  • Loralee Nicolay
  • Carol Ogden
  • Tyler Pack
  • Abigale Palmer
  • Linda G. Paulsen
  • Sarah Richards Samuelson
  • Elizabeth Sanchez
  • Colby Sanford
  • Cindy Stapleton
  • Samuel Steadman
  • Miriam Tribe
  • Steve & Tonya Vistaunet
  • Jenna Ward
  • Justin Wheatley
  • Katie Willes
  • Simon Winegar
  • Sarah Winegar 

Contact Emily Larsen (elarsen@springville.org) with any questions. 
 Follow @springvillemuseum and #100dollarshow on instagram during the month of November to preview the artists and artwork!