100 Dollar Show

The 100 Dollar Show is a one-night event held annually on the first Thursday evening following Thanksgiving.  Selected artists are invited to sell original works of art for $100 each. The purpose of the 100 Dollar Show is for both the museum and local artists to give back to the community by allowing them the opportunity to purchase original works of art at an affordable price.

Unfortunately we will not be hosting the 100 Dollar Show in 2020. All public programs and events that anticipate large crowds are currently suspended until 2021. We want to preserve the magic of this event and are looking forward to a big comeback next year!  Follow us on social media during the month of December as we will be promoting other ways to support local artists and buy original art! We truly believe there should be an "original in every home." 

Contact Emily Larsen (elarsen@springville.org) with any questions. 
 Follow @springvillemuseum and #100dollarshow on instagram during the month of November to preview the artists and artwork!