Giving Tuesday

Support Utah Artists 

A major part of the SMA's programming and mission is to support, feature, and advocate for Utah artists. During Dr. Rita Wright's 10 year tenure as Museum director she has lead the development and execution of over 130 juried and curated exhibitions, featuring hundreds of local artists each year, and engaging thousands more. We are proud to host the Artist Round Table workshops to support our artists and their businesses providing free professional development and training. We value each artist as a small-business owner and contributor to our local economy. An artist recently shared:

“It's hard to fully quantify the positive effects working with the Springville Museum has had on my career as a full-time artist. They have created so many opportunities for living artists in our community to connect and grow and find collectors and build alliances with each other. Where so many art museums only focus on exhibits of the past, the Springville Museum of Art has breathed so much energy into the local, living art community and built a strong and wonderful place for artists and art-lovers alike.”  - Stephanie Hock

 Individual donors like you make these invaluable programs possible and allow our artists to flourish and thrive. 

Would you consider donating to support this beloved group of artists and the exhibitions that feature their works? 

Springville has been the hub of the amazing community of artists that Utah houses. Both professional and student artists alike love to come together for opening events, artist roundtables, and other events hosted at the museum. Wherever we go we are asked, "what is up with the art community in Utah?" We have a unique situation, and it has been fostered and supported by the Springville Museum of Art. 

Shari Lyon

The Springville Museum supports arts, the arts community, and especially artists from new and aspiring to seasoned and established. My high school students were able to participate in a juried show, prepare an artist statement, get artwork ready to display. and then visit and see quality and varied artwork. Many went on to become seasoned artists themselves, while others appreciate and support the arts because of this early experience. As not only a teacher, but an artist, I delight in the experiences offered by the Springville Museum. The Springville Museum  is one of the best in Utah, and has inspired and supported, validated, and encouraged not only me, as an artist, but countless others. I love this museum.

Cynthia Clark

I moved back to Utah fifteen years ago from a very art-interested city, brimming with opportunities and general enthusiasm toward the art. I was concerned about what lay ahead in this state, with such seemingly different cultural values but I soon discovered The Springville Museum of Art and have always been delighted by the diversity of thoughtfully curated collections and exhibitions, representing a very wide swath of artists. With a long and rich history, SMA is one of Utah’s art crown jewels. Yet under the direction of Dr. Rita Wright, I have watched the programming blossom and expand to include artists with different social, cultural and religious backgrounds, artists at varying states of their careers and especially artists who speak in a different creative voice. Beyond the sheer number of exhibitions and events produced by the museum, I believe this expansion of and presentation to the public of new, often unseen Utah artists, is one of Rita’s great legacies — the interest in and support of the alternative voice while continuing to support the familiar.  SMA  has been an important part of my professional career as an artist and I will always be grateful for Rita’s oversight of this special and important museum.

David LeCheminant