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Mae Huntington Research Library

The Springville Museum of Art is proud to offer the leading research library (with the Marriott Library at the University of Utah) centered on the art of Utah. The Library is open to the public, but is available by appointment only. Contact our Museum Registrar, Emily Larsen, to schedule an appointment (801) 491-5702.
The Museum needs volunteers to organize, inventory and maintain our large collection of books, artist files and images. We are looking for volunteers who would be able to help with a wide variety of projects:
  • Help organize items for the Museum’s historical files
  • Inventory old newspaper clippings
  • Organize information about art works in the collection
  • Organize our collection of slides and transparencies
  • Type labels using our typewriter
  • Photocopy items for our artist binders
  • File information into artist and image files
  • Data entry
Historic Springville High School Art Association Scrapbooks  Digitized for Public Access
Four historic scrapbooks are housed in the Mae B. Huntington Research Library, which contain the history of the Springville Art Movement from 1911-1969. They contain newspaper articles, photographs and other papers related to the activities of the Springville High School Art Association. The books are a rich source of history, not only of the Museum but of Springville residents and Springville High School.  These scrapbooks have been a part of the library's contents for decades; however, staff have recently received funding from USHRAB to carry out the work of scanning the pages of the scrapbooks to create long-term digital files. These files will be accessible to the public for art historical research as well as local and family history.


Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) Awards Grant to Mae B. Huntington Library
The Mae B. Huntington Research Library contains over 50 years of collected information related to the visual arts in Utah. It houses books, unpublished manuscripts, photographs, as well as thousands of biographies about Utah artists and images of their art works. The value of the Museum's library collection was acknowledged by the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB), based in Salt Lake City, who awarded the Museum a $4,000 grant to inventory, organize and create a digital catalog of the library's contents. The grant is enabling the Museum's collections to be more easily searched by library patrons. Eventually the library's catalog will be integrated into the Mountain West Digital Library card catalog, which can be searched throughout the state.

February 28, 2017
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