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The Springville Museum of Art is Utah’s first museum for the visual fine arts. Dedicated as a “Sanctuary of Beauty and a Temple of Contemplation” by David O. McKay, the Museum houses nearly 3,000 works; 2,000 of which are Utah art.  Twentieth Century Russian-Soviet Socialist Realism, an impressive collection of 150 years of Utah fine art, and American Realist art comprise the permanent collection. The Museum is a key promoter and contributor to the arts in Utah, with over 15 exhibitions annually. The Museum features artwork displayed throughout 29 galleries in this 45,000 square foot facility and a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden.

The Museum seeks to fulfill its mission by refining minds and building character through the fine arts.  The history of the Museum began in 1903, with the donation of art work to Springville High School by Museum founders Cyrus E. Dallin and John Hafen. As official State Wide Art Partnership (SWAP) headquarters, the Museum is home for visual art educational outreach programs to the schools of Utah. 
A variety of exhibitions, concerts, programs and special events are offered throughout the year.  The Museum annually serves nearly 90,000 visitors onsite, 20,000 off-site, and is available for rentals.  
October 1, 2014
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