Art Renewal Center: Featured Artist

July 2018 - ongoing

The artworks in this exhibition represent a partnership between the Springville Museum of Art and the Art Renewal Center, a premier exhibition venue for artists working in the classical tradition. Each year, one Utah artist is selected from their juried competition to be featured in the Museum in an effort to support and celebrate traditional Utah artists. The featured artist for 2019 is Ryan Brown. 

Ryan S. Brown is an American painter in the naturalist tradition. After graduating BYU, Ryan went on to study classical painting in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art, where upon graduation he won the Painting of the Year and Presidents awards. Returning to Utah after his studies in 2008, Ryan opened the Masters Academy of Art in Springville where he passes on the methods and practices within the tradition of classical painting. Ryan’s work contains the time-honored qualities of craftsmanship in drawing, color, and composition that, although true to the tradition and heritage of painting that pays homage to past masters, have a uniquely current feel. His works reach past culture, race, or religion to connect on a human level with viewers. These human moments provide us with something that, in today’s world of instant gratification and social media, are all the more important.  His works remind us of our connection as human beings. They demand pause, contemplation, and consideration that moves us far beyond the pleasing images. 

Previous featured artists: 2018 - Casey Childs

Image: Ryan Brown, detail from En Plein Air, 2013